Travel stop clinic to alleviate trucker’s “nearly impossible” task of making time for healthcare

An urgent care clinic is opening up at the popular White’s Travel Center in Virginia in the upcoming year, allowing for truckers to more conveniently take better care of their health.

The Velocity Care urgent care clinic will take up most of the 8,300 square foot building next door to the travel stop, located at 2440 Raphine Road in Raphine, Virginia, and is expected to open in early 2019. The urgent care facility will also take over the pharmacy already present at the travel center.

“Our travel center serves nearly 2 million visitors every year,” said Bobby Berkstresser, owner of White’s Travel Center.

“For many of the truck drivers, scheduling medical visits is not an option. This will provide them instant and convenient access to care without disrupting their busy travel schedule.”

The opening of the new, convenient-for-truckers clinic has drivers who frequent the truck stop excited, and even relieved, about the idea because finding healthcare as an over the road trucker is “nearly impossible.”

“You might have to leave your truck in the middle of the road somewhere to get to a hospital, and then it’s going to get towed,” said trucker James Roland, who drives from Kansas to Virginia every two weeks and is a regular at White’s.

“Fuel up, grab some food, see a doctor all in one stop… It would be very beneficial. I mean there just wouldn’t be any better way,” he said.