State troopers are hiding in plain sight in construction zones

Operation Hard Hat

Troopers with New York State Police are disguising themselves to keep an eye on drivers as part of an enforcement operation called “Operation Hard Hat.”

This fall, New York State Police has teamed up with the New York Department of Transportation (NYDOT) for multiple enforcement efforts as part of “Operation Hard Hat.”

As part of the effort, troopers dress as highway workers and operate NYDOT vehicles in various parts of the state in an effort to catch drivers who violate New York’s “Move Over” law, which requires drivers to slow down and change lanes when approaching emergency and highway maintenance vehicles with flashing lights.

According to a news release from New York State Police, “Troopers embedded with DOT maintenance workers will radio to waiting Troopers and pull over any violators.”

During an Operation Hard Hat event on Thursday, November 7, troopers in Long Island ticketed more than 100 drivers, slapping each with a $250 fine and two points on their license, according to NBC New York.

The Operation Hard Hat efforts have been taking place throughout the fall at various locations — and state police say that they will continue the enforcement efforts until drivers get the message.