POLICE: Flour coats highway following potentially distracted truck driver

Hundreds of pounds of flour were spilled across a highway in Utah Sunday, causing a string of traffic backups as crews worked to clear the powder from the roadway.

The accident happened on Sunday, August 26th north of Enoch, Utah.

According to The Spectrum News, the semi truck was traveling south along Interstate 15 when the driver suddenly lost control, sending the rig veering off the side of the road where the driver over corrected and overturned the rig.

The accident ruptured the trailer and sent bags of flour crashing onto the roadway, spilling flour everywhere.

“What we think, he was distracted possibly by a cellphone,” said Highway Patrol Sergeant Ryan Bauer.

“Those semi-trailers will just bust open… It doesn’t take much with the semis.”

Traffic was directed onto frontage roads for at least an hour as crews worked to clean up the mess. The area has since been cleared.