Motorists caught playing on runway truck ramp

Last week, California police responded to a potentially dangerous situation after a dozen people were spotted playing on a runaway truck ramp.

On November 30, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) received calls about motorists sledding and playing on the runaway truck ramp located on southbound I-15 in Cajon Pass, Victor Valley News Group reports.

When officers arrived, they found a dozen passenger vehicles pulled over near the ramp and 12 people playing in the snow.

It isn’t clear whether citations were issued, but CHP took to Facebook to warn the non-trucking public about the dangers of blocking runaway ramps.

They wrote:

I know this picture and several others like this were floating around over the past few days. When a driver has to make the decision to use the runaway ramp, things have gone so wrong, they are now making a decision that will risk their truck (livelihood) and their own lives to save the people ahead of them. These ramps are not play zones or rest areas, please keep them clear and available for their intended use.