Motorist trapped after semi truck tips over onto moving vehicle

A motorist survived being crushed by a big rig on Wednesday after the semi truck tipped while coming down a hill.

The accident happened on August 29th at around 9:46 p.m. in Bedford County, Virginia.

According to WSET ABC 13 News, the semi truck was hauling a farm tractor along the 1300 block of Wyatts Way just off of Route 707 when it went too fast down a hill, shifting its load and causing it to tip, landing on top of a nearby car and trapping the female motorist inside.

Emergency crews responded to the scene and the semi truck and passenger vehicle had to be stabilized before the trapped woman could be freed.

Officials say the unnamed woman was conscious through the entire process but was quickly airlifted to a nearby hospital following her extraction. She was last listed as having only non life-threatening injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

The unnamed truck driver was not hurt in the accident but was issued citations for failure to secure load and reckless driving.