Load shift suspected in big rig rollover caught on camera

An Illinois man captured wild video of a semi truck rolling over in an intersection as the driver tried to make a turn.

The video was captured in Effingham, Illinois, and shared by Facebook user Colten Monnet.

The truck driver had reportedly just picked up a load of paint and later said that he believed that the load shifted, causing the truck to roll over.

Monnet wrote:

Wild day today in Effingham il

Edit: the reason I knew this was going to happen is because he started tipping at the Pepsi place on Raney street. We followed him until the stop light where we pulled into taco rail (rip) and took a video thinking we’d get a nice little trucking fail video. Then this happens instead. You can see his fifth wheel is up high and his trailer was leaning really bad to the right when we followed him. Driver is okay and I made sure he was and waited with a couple others until cops came.

You can view the video below.